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You will get some text when you move your mouse over these pictures.  You can also click on the pictures to enlarge them and see captions.  In the reports that I write there is always more information on problems.  I'm somewhat limited with the text in this presentation.  Check the bottom of my other pages for more pictures.


           Failed exterior caulking leads to water intrusion and material damage     The starter course was installed backwards.  The open tabs will allow water to damage wood.     This failed plumbing patch is leaking again.

           No balusters and open risers are a safety hazard.     Holes in vent trunk wasting AC and heat in attic space.     Wet crawlspace caused by poor site drainage.

           Electrical service drop cable pulling away from the building.     Water danaged roof sheathing caused by bad chimney flashing.     Water intrusion caused this cracked flue liner.