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General Home Inspections

There are many things that affect the cost of a home inspection.  My rates are competitive, especially given the quality of the service I provide. It's not possible in every case to accurately list a price for any given job without knowing specific details.  The risk of misleading you about any aspect of a home inspection, including the cost, is one that I don’t want to take. The best thing to do is call or email me and we can discuss the specifics.  With the right details, I can provide a rate quote.

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Whatever the rate happens to be for your particular situation I promise you this:


I will work hard and be thorough in gathering information, pictures, and showing you things in person while on site at the inspection.  I will take this information and pictures to my office and write a report that will be helpful to you.  It will be a report that you can clearly understand.  My goal is for the report to be clear enough to guide you to the location(s) of the issue(s), describe the problem, explain why it is a problem, and explain a course of corrective action. 

My number is at the top of this page.  Call me and let’s talk about it.

You can inquire on rates via e-mail at  if you want to. When you do, please include the property address to be inspected.  This helps me research the details and allows me to give an accurate price quote.





Inspecting HVAC equipment      Measuring the hot water temperature for safe levels    


Baltimore County Rental License Inspections

My fee for this service is $135 for each unit. 




To go out and re inspect a failed item is $65. *****

 Check my Baltimore County Rental Inspection website for detailed information. 








 To schedule an inspection, call:


You will get some text when you move your mouse over these pictures.  You can also click on the pictures to enlarge them and see captions.  In the reports that I write there is always more information on problems.  I'm somewhat limited with the text in this presentation.  Check the bottom of my other pages for more pictures.

Faulty condensate drain system for an attic mounted air handler
      Severely bowing foundation wall causing the main beam to displace the block work      Lack of balusters on this stairway guardrail are a safety hazard

Torn and missing asphalt shingles are resulting in a roof leak      Ploybutyelene plumbing pipes and manifold straps corroding      The lack of handrails for stairways are a significant safety hazard

  Federal Pacific Stab-Loc breakers (red toggles) are known for failure to trip      Spalling of the furnace flue liner as seen from the roof      This insulation is packed too close to the light fixture