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Maryland Home Inspector-Standards & Code of Ethics 

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Standards of Practice and Codes of Ethics are guidelines that are developed to protect the homeowner and the industry, and to provide inspectors with performance guidelines.  Some individual companies develop their own standards. There are also several organizations related to the home inspection industry that have set standards. 

Many home inspectors are members of one or more of these organizations so they abide by these standards. I am a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors, ASHI for short.  I will abide by their Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics  while conducting a home inspection for you.  In some cases I may exceed these standards. 

To maintain membership over the years, ASHI requires that I engage in ongoing education in the field of home inspection. I enjoy this as it gives me an ever growing opportunity to expand my knowledge and business services.







I have listed a link below which will take you to the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

ASHI Standards of Practice

ASHI Code of Ethics

Maryland State Standards of Practice

Maryland State Code of Ethics

Here is a link to the inspection ageement that will be signed prior to the inspection.

INSPECTION   AGREEMENT                                                           

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You will get some text when you move your mouse over these pictures.  You can also click on the pictures to enlarge them and see captions.  In the reports that I write there is always more information on problems.  I'm somewhat limited with the text in this presentation.  Check the bottom of my other pages for more pictures.

Significant erosion of the shigles granules means its time replace them      Carpet in a bathroom trapped moisture and lead to rotting wood subfloor      These vent connectors are incorrect.  The smaller one should be above the larger one

The footing for this deck support post is sinking due to soil erosion      Corroding venturi tube is allowing gas to burn outside of the heat excahnger      Bowing foundation wall showing separation from house wall and brick chimney

On this wood stove, mortar is missing between the fire bricks      The clothes dryer duct is disconnected as seen under the attic insulation      The open electrical splice found in this attic is a fire hazard