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My Goal :

When you hire me to do an inspection, I will  provide you with accurate information about the house. 
I will do this by using the following guidelines:

1. Observation- I will make observations of the systems and components of the dwelling and identify the things I think need attention.

2. Concern- I will state why I have identified these things and explain the problems and possible consequences associated with them. 

3. Action- I will give you my recommendations for either correcting the problems or further investigating the issues.  My recommendations may include referral to qualified professionals for review and repair.

I will perform these tasks in accordance with both the ASHI and the State of Maryland Standards of Practice. You can view the details of these standards by clicking the Standards page.

A complete written report with pictures will be included and you are welcome and encouraged to be present during the inspection. In my opinion, having you there in person is the best way to communicate the important issues.

Inspection of roofs and exterior trim                        Inspection of floor structure and plumbing from crawl spaces

I take my responsibility as a home inspector seriously.  It takes time to be thorough and gather accurate information. I’ll be on site for 3 or more hours taking measurements, photographs and writing down important information.  I’ll take all of this back to my office and spend several more hours compiling a report.

In some cases, I won’t have every answer on the spot at the site.  If something is questionable, I'll do the necessary research to ensure I address things properly in the written report.  I write a custom narrative report for each inspection.  I’ll deliver the report when it accurately represents the concerns and conditions of the property.  Usually, this is within 24 hours of leaving the inspection site. 

Here are some of my credentials :





TRAINING CERTIFICATE  - This first one is a Training Certificate that I received after completing classes and passing an exam provided by a home inspector training company.

NHIE CERTIFICATE - A supplementary, optional certification required in many states.

MD LICENSE Maryland State License (# 29827). Beginning in January of 2008 all home inspectors operating in Maryland must be licensed and insured. 

EDR CERTIFICATE  -  After I completed the orientation program for Environmental Data Resources Reporting I recieved this certificate.

Here are a few testimonials from people I have worked for.  There are also many reviews clients have written online at places like Google and Angies List:


"John Dirks was prompt, professional and thorough in his home inspection.  I
managed to take his suggestions, and complete many projects around my home,
inside and out.  In this competitive market, I think a service like John's gives
the seller a definite advantage."

JoAnn C.--- Anne Arundel County


"I chose Arundel Home Inspection after looking at several websites in 
a search for a Maryland home inspector.   I called and spoke with John 
and we set up an appointment for later that week.  John arrived early 
and was not only very professional, but very personable.  John was 
exceptionally thorough when performing the inspection and kept me 
informed of his findings along the way.  When the inspection was 
finished, he walked me through everything he found, and had a copy of 
his report to me within 24 hours.  Because of John's thorough report, 
the seller addressed several minor issues with the property.  Although 
they were minor issues, John explained how they could've been major 
issues over time, and we certainly benefitted from it.  My experience 
with Arundel Home Inspection, and more specifically, John Dirks, was 
fantastic.  I would recommend him to anyone."

Patrick V.--- Colombia Md


"I was extremely pleased with your service - prompt, professional and friendly.  Very thorough, and having pictures was invaluable."

Lynda M.--- Severna Park Md


A hard working, knowledgeable and personable inspector; a comprehensive inspection; and a thorough and detailed report - that's what you get from John Dirks, Jr. at Arundel Home Inspection.  The home inspection he recently performed for us was certainly worth every penny.  John discovered items we wouldn't have known about otherwise and his inspection report was useful as both a negotiating tool and a "to do" list of what needs attention.  As a potential buyer, it's worth your time to be present at the inspection; John explains what he is doing and why and just by listening, you will learn a lot to complement what is in your inspection report.  We definitely recommend Arundel Home Inspection!      

David M. and Karen S. - Laurel, MD


Thank you again, so very much for helping us along our process of buying a new home!
We feel very blessed to have closed on the purchase of our new home in Maryland, and it all was because of your many hours of efforts and hard work that we have our keys before Thanksgiving.
If there is any recommendation or blog-bio that I can leave a comment on to let your company know how very thankful and appreciative we are, please send me a link so I can write to whomever to plead my satisfaction with your work.
Have a great Thanksgiving, and again, thank you!
Victoria and Daniel - Annapolis, MD


Thanks again for all the assistance you provided.  Utilizing your services has been one of the few right calls I've made regarding home maintenance.

Bret - Crofton, MD.








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