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    Baltimore County Rental License  Inspections 
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I am able to provide the necessary service to help landlords meet this requirement.  Below, you will find a link to the Baltimore County website which has information on the subject. Call for additional information.
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Baltimore County Rental Inspection Document

It can help if you read the document linked below to learn about what I'll be looking for. If you get things in order prior to the inspection, it may only take one appointment and thus save you the re-inspection fee.

Inspection Sheet

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You will get some text when you move your mouse over these pictures.  You can also click on the pictures to enlarge them and see captions.  In the reports that I write there is always more information on problems.  I'm somewhat limited with the text in this presentation.  Check the bottom of my other pages for more pictures.

Several layers of asphalt roof shingles in very poor condition
      This flexible appliance connector (yellow) should not pass through the floor      Severely corroding fittings and pipes on this hydronic boiler heating system

The spacing between these stairway balusters are too wide for maximum safety      This concrete basement slab has sunk four inches caused by poor water drainage      Wood deck support posts burried in the ground will eventually rot

Aluminum wiring in addition to the panel being contaminated by paint over spray      This fireplace damper is non-functional due to broken hinges      The attic insulation over the stairwell has fallen in creating this void